Yoga for These Times

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Yoga for These Times Inquiries: 

How has my personal yoga practice (asana, as well as pranayama, philosophy, etc.) changed in relevance and priority? 

How has my Nervous System energy may have changed; seem more or less "present"? Do I seem more in "sympathetic nervous system energy" or "parasympathetic nervous system energy" from ordinary moment to moment? Do I seem more "ventral vagal" or "dorsal vagal"? 

What possibilities have "disturbance" offered us, and continue to offer us? What does disturbance feel like in your body? How do you meet it, in movement, breath, meditation, activity, rest? 

What does acceptance feel like in your body? How do you support it, use it for evolution and future resolution?


Anatomy Inquiries: Experiencing the Dimensions of Breath in the Lungs, Bones, and Autonomic Nervous System (far right links above: Lung Lobe Anatomy, Lungs & Feet Redux, Lungs-Bones & ANS). 


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