Yoga for These Times:

Radical Acceptance Class Resource 

Sources are recommending "yoga in modules" for support during pandemic times. These modules are 10, 20, and 45 minutes in duration (Pandit & Singh, 2020). 

In this class, we explore the 45 Minute Yoga Module. Please feel free to print! 


Link for the recording of the class:


(Of course, this practice could be longer than 45 minutes if you find it is useful to you. Enjoy!)


Lying in Constructive Rest Posture. Implement "touch & breath" techniques as inspired. 

Use of Gertie Ball for release and breath sensation facilitation

Use folded blanket or bolster support restorative for release and breath sensation facilitation

a)  Shoulders and Back of Heart on the support 

b) Back of Heart on Support, Shoulders on the Earth 


Lengthen the Exhales (Brown & Gerberg, 2012; Nester, 2020)

5 x 5 Breath (Brown & Gerbarg, 2009; Nestoer, 2020) 


Neck & Airway

Rib Basket Movement

Knees and Feet

Massaging the Hands

Asanas (1 minute each, lengthen the exhales in the postures): 

Mountain / Tadasana

Tree Pose / Vrkrasana

Forward Fold / Utanasana 

Half-Moon / Ardha Chandrasana

Trikoasana / Triangle 

(transition of choice to seated:) 

Child's pose, knees wide and arms extended beyond the head on the earth / Hare Posture

Hero's Pose

Half Camel Pose / Ardha Ustrasana (both sides) 

Child's Pose / Hare Posture

Upright Frog Posture / Utthana Mandukasana 

Twisted Seated / Vakrasana 


Low Cobra (Bhujanghasana)

Locust / Salambasana 

(transition of choice to lying on back body:) 

Supported Bridge / Setu Bandha 

Knees to Chest (Pawana Muktasana)

Short Savasana here......

Come to Seated. 


Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing / Nodi Shodhana (2-4 rounds) 

Nadi Shodhana (5 rounds) 

Ujjaii (5 rounds) 

Bhramari (Bee Breath) 

Meditation: Lengthening the Exhalation 

Savasana, lie down and do nothing for at least 5-7 minutes. 

(Morrissey, 2020; Ayush Guidelines, 2020; Nester, 2020; Brown & Gerbarg, 2009)


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