User Guide for June 7-14, 2020 Yoga Practice Collection

Take a look at this short video orientation for week's class. Thanks! 

The Inspiration: How Do I Embody Fluidity? 

From Linda Hartley's Wisdom of the Body Moving

"Within the body we find expressions of all the forms in which water circulates on, in, and around the earth. In us there is the great unbounded ocean of fluid in which all the cells are bathed. There are rivers and streams flowing within the vessels of the veins, arteries, lymphatic, and cerebrospinal fluid channels; there are pools and reservoirs and places where the fluid gushes or trickles like springs, waterfalls, or rain. There may also be places where the flow is blocked and the fluid stagnates." 

The Fluid Body carries pulsation, vibration, information throughout the body. 

Extracellular, Intracelluar, fluid within our Fascia...

our Nervous System Body is constantly bathed in fluid consciousness.

Feel. Listen. Explore.  

Yoga course developer: Becky Morrissey

Course elements will continue to be available as the next week's class is added to the course platform. 

Meditation Element: 

Knowing & Sensing Pulsation 

Anatomy Meditation: 

We Are Crystal Fluid Within

Pranayama Element: 

Knowing & Being Pulsation

Viloma in 3 Fluidity Patterns 

Asana Element: 

Knowing & Being Pulsation

Fluid Spine Bhujanghasana