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Transcription Of Audio Recording: 

Fluid Body Sense & ReSet Asana Practice 

May 26, 2020

Feeling the Fluid Body's Response Meditation

3-Part Practice (18 minutes) 

Sitting With the Fluid Body: Beginning the Sensation Practice

Sitting in a position you enjoy for meditation, enjoy several long Natural Breaths, experiencing inhale and exhale easily, fluidly. 

After several breaths, notice the sensations of the breath; maybe they feel like expansion ....and condensing, returning, deflating....notice breath at the nostrils, notice breath at the rib cage...notice breath in the belly...notice breath in the body. 


Notice the movement of the spine...with the inhale....and with the exhale. Are there any movement patterns you feel when adding the sensation of spine to your practice? Are there any similarities or relationship between the breath movement and spinal movement? 


It could be interesting to layer an awareness of how weight is moving through the body within the sitting practice...as you inhale...as you exhale. As our bodies are about 70% water, is the feeling of "gravity" or weight of the body moving the feeling of the Fluid Body moving, or fluid within the body moving? 


If you are interested, change shape and continue. 

Changing Perspective: New Sensation 


Viparita Karani, (vee-par-ree-tah kah-ron-nee, Legs Up the Wall), as depicted in the left, is a powerful restorative practice. An intentional relationship with gravity, the posture allows fluid from the legs to flow into the torso for processing and elimination. 


Slowly place your legs up on a wall. Support under the hips and hips-backs of legs completely against the wall is very, very optional; in fact, you may be able to feel more with your body flat on the earth and some comfortable space between you and the wall. Feel free to bend your knees and place the soles of the feet on the wall; you could also laterally rotate the knees and place the outsides of the feet against the wall with the legs in a diamond shape. 

Your arms can be placed where they are most comfortable; at your sides, away from your sides, palms turned up or down, hands on your belly, arms framing your head with hands on the forearms or elbows. Shoulders easy. Head and face easy. 

When ready, a Natural Breath (easy inhale...soft pause...then easy exhale) could be very supportive of feeling restful. You could allow the weight of the head to rest on the floor easily. 5-10 minutes for an idea of a length of time; do VK as little or as long as it is useful to you. 


Breath, sensation, and gravity have a lovely relationship. Enjoy the experience of observing these three phenomena together or one at a time for several moments.

Is it possible to intentionally allow your weight to move into the earth with each exhalation? Does it happen little by little? What does the earth feel like beneath you? 

Closing the Practice: Savasana 

Take your legs from the wall slowly, and elongate out along the floor. An intentional practice of lying on the earth, this Savasana could be a "no-practice" for several moments. 

Return to Sitting when you are ready. Notice any sensations of fluidity. Sit as long as you like. Feel any "reset" or changes