Sweet & Simple Breath Practice

inspired by Radiance Sutra #41

"Breathing is the flow of the divine,

Where the rhythm of life turn into each other  -

the eternal exchange. " 


For this practice, you may like to 

use a Mala or a Mala Bracelet

with your practice.

Come to a comfortable seat. 

Or lie down in Constructive Rest Posture. 

Begin when ready, no rush. 

Take 27 (bracelet) or 108 (Mala) 

steady, conscious breaths.

Touch a bead with each full cycle 

of breath. 


Conscious inhales and Conscious exhales.


Notice all the pauses

at top of inhale and bottom of exhale.


Notice all the center to periphery energy expansions,

and the periphery to center energy returnings.

After the Sweet & Simple Breath Practice

you could: 

Take a Savasana

Journal about the experience

Move into an Asana Practice

End the Practice Session and

Live your Yoga.