Skin is Home Meditation

As our largest and perhaps the most dimensionally sensitive sense organ we live within and through, our skin is home. This meditation conceptualizes our skin as a

medium of experience. Using feeling as a tool of discovery, this practice invites embodiment as a "resourced", natural response. An aliveness with no goal, just lovely open being. Today, I found gentle touch, somatic haptics if you will, made the meditation easier to feel and follow. Please enjoy if this meditation inspires! 

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"The degree of our aliveness informs the degree of our awareness." 

Chris Cullen, Universal Empathy 

Simply feeling into my "aliveness" in any moment has been a fun and moving learning practice. Aliveness is what it means to you at the moment; breath, pulsation, circulation, weight, lightness, temperature, perception, neuroception...and much more. And it could be "Just. This" with no labeling at all. Aliveness can be sensing, being, and making the moment our own as we wish. Lovely, open being. 

Skin Meditation References: 

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