Pranayama: Yoga Breath Practice 

Knowing & Being Pulsation: Viloma Pranayama in 3 Fluidity Patterns 

I begin pranayama practices lying down in Constructive Rest Posture for several moments, to prepare for the practice physically, mentally, maybe even spiritually. Just lying down and breathing. 

When I feel ready, for this series of breath practices, I sit up to feel more comfortable within the pulsating practices. You may feel the same or differently when experiencing body shapes and individual breath patterns. 


In this audio, I will be exploring  3 Viloma Pranayama practices for a study of Fluidity Patterns: 

Pranayama Practice Element_6.7_6Becky Morrissey
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Overall Thematic Pranayama Breath: Viloma, a 3-part rhythmic pattern, creating an inhale which consists of 3 short  parts. Inhaling a third and pause....inhale another third and pause...then finish the inhale, pause at the "top of the inhale"....and exhale long and fully, enjoy the pause at the bottom if you wish. Three part "mountain-arms" or "sun salute arms" movement may be added to increase the sensation of the rhythmic pattern of breath-movement, and pause. 

Within the Viloma Pranayama Breath Practice, the Fluidity Patterns will be: 

1) Natural Breath (simple inhale, simple exhale)

2) Ujjaii Breath (Ocean-Sounding, Victory Breath) 

3) Kapalabhati Breath (short inhales; we will be exploring various 

then the Fluidity Patterns will be reversed.


Sitting in meditation or lying in Constructive Rest Posture is very lovely for post-practice absorption. 


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