• Becky Morrissey

Reflections of Relevance: Yoga, Now.

Perhaps contemplations of relevance bring revelation.

As I sit for meditation practice in these times, questions come in waves.

What. Am. I. Doing?

What real good is this sitting practice, with all that is happening around me?

I know what I have read about its usefulness. Physiological benefits, emotional, mental, even spiritual. I can replay what I have read over the years, the relevance defined by others with a message from times untouched by the now.

The Now is rewriting, is redefining real relevance for me. Maybe for all of us. I honestly wonder if it is the height of privilege and entitlement to be able to sit doing yoga at all. And yet, I know that if I do not sit in meditation every day for at least a short time, I do not recognize any continuity around me at all. I need continuity now, more than ever. Meditation is remembering what is connective to what has been and realizing the new connections becoming present at the same time.

I am being rewritten, rewired, repatterned, remembered, and embodied anew as I meditate in these times. Terrifyingly beautiful.

What good is this sitting practice?

There are times uniquely suited for taking your yoga practice

into the wilds of your inner being.

To simplify your Sangha to sensations;

breath, wisdom writings, and to your own

thoughts, feelings, reactions.

And to meet them, as best we can.

This is a practice.

And for a time, attend your personal relationship with yoga

from your Sangha Of One.

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