• Becky Morrissey

Non-Duality: A Study of Being

What is Non-Duality?

What does it have to do with wrapping up a year like this one?

My thinking in bringing together Non-Dual practices for supporting an end of the year contemplation, for a year like no other, centers upon integration. Integration of the disruption, the repatterning, the redefining, and the living in the midst of a massive collective shift.

I gravitated toward models of connection, of continuity, of exploration of the unity, of the binary, and back again. Studying how connection can be expanded, recollected, reassembled, made more dimensional; and realized to be non-dual in nature simultaneously.

A few definitions of Non-Duality:

"Non-Duality is Oneness. Layers of perceptive relationship. Like a drop in the ocean is a singular entity, and at the same time, the drop IS the ocean because the ocean is made of drops. I have oneness with myself, and.....I have a oneness with all around me. I am in relationship on every level." (Personal Journals, Becky Morrissey, 1989-2020).

"All causation comes from source, which could be thought of as our deepest spiritual intuition, or consciousness, of a state of unity with all around us."

(The Pratyabhijnahrdayam, Ruvinsky et al, 2019)

"Knowing self as the universe, knowing fully that, 'All this is my own expansion, my experience of the nondual state, even in the flow of differential cognitions."

(The Tantra Illuminated, Wallis, 2013)

"Nothing perceived is independent of perception, and perception differs from the perceiver; therefore the perceived universe is nothing but the perceiver."

(The Splendor of Recognition, Swami Shantananda, 2003)

Nonduality Nonduality (or nondualism) is a way of living life, whereby, in each moment, you feel your interconnectedness with everyone and everything around you. It's not just a philosophy or an experience, but a way of being in the world. Nonduality is a term from Sanskrit that means ‘not two’ (advaita: a = not; dvaita = two)

(I-Rest, 2020)

How do these ways of conceptualizing Non-duality land with you? How might you describe non-duality to resonant with how you experience it?

I hope you enjoy this experiment with me, exploring integration practices such as Sarvodhaya (self-care meditation) and Devadashanta Pranayama as we come into a holiday time in a year like no other.

May these practices be to the benefit of all beings everywhere.

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