• Becky Morrissey

A Cosmos Within: Visions For Nonduality Meditation

We are a living embodiment of the Micro and the Macro.

Visions of our inner micro, our cellular being, mirror the images of the macro, of the cosmos itself.

Here is a visual meditation to bring an awareness of how our structures mirror the Cosmos at the micro level. Notice the similarities. Feel how we have galaxies within and all around us. And under that pure presence.

Cellular Galaxies: Ground of Being

Human Cells: Nuclei Study Hubble: Galaxies Human Skin Cells

Sensory Reflections: Consciousness

Hubble: God Eye Nebula Human Iris Sun Corona Image

Creation At All Levels = Light + Expansion

Human Zygote Hubble: Hourglass Nebula Fertilized Human Egg Cells

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