Philosophy as Relationship: Worldview & Sensation
What is a "philosophy" to you?
Is it intellectual? 
Is it spiritual? 
Is it an embodiment? 
Maybe all 3? Or something else? 
Can you "feel" how a certain philosophy might
resonate with you on many levels? 
Perhaps a "philosophy" is a way to describe
a process of
relating, response, and interaction. 
Perhaps it can be felt as well as thought
Perhaps philosophy can be sensed as well
as intellectualized. 
A person's "world view" or conceptualization
of how the world works is a common
definition of philosophy. 
Yoga appears to me to have at least three world views:
Classic Dualist, Advaitic (Vedantic), and Tantric (1)
I think of them as Binary, Creative, and Collective.
I could think of each of them as an individual
sphere of thought.
Three separate circles. 
For me, I sense they have a relationship to each other.
In my studies and practices with each of them, I have found mutual interconnection and recognition. 
Common ancestry, common geography;
common intention and purpose. 
I sense them as interrelated, something like this:  
borrean ring.png
This relational conceptualization is borrowed from mathematics. It is known as the Borromean rings. The three interconnected rings form a Brunnian Link.
This symbol has been used since early times as a symbol of strength and unity (2). They form a kind of network.
They could be perceived as having a felt-sense of relationship. 
Borromean Rings can grow dimensionally.
This becomes the Flower of Life (2). 

This relationship is patterned throughout our environment and our bodies. This is cellular formation. This is the structure of our fascia. This is the formation of our skin cells (3).

For me, the Flower of Life imparts of felt-sense of relationship, continuity. Each philosophy is connected to another. 

Applying this use of symbols to the 3 Philosophies of Yoga

I have described, I become aware of their unity as a sensation

within my body. I can envision a co-existence of these

three ways of relating to yoga and feel how they have

a tensegrity, a dependent network of context and understanding. 

And I can reflect upon each one, feel the possible sensations

in response to the language, and bring into the reflection a body sensation response for possible dimensional experience. 

These contemplations could be a practice for experiencing

Worldview and Sensation: 

Sit or lie down and breathe for several moments. 

When ready, bring into your practice the Worldview

of "binary" "dualistic" "opposites" "categories" 

"ordered" or use your own words to describe. As you think

about the words, what does your body feel as sensation? 

How does it feel it? Does the sensation have an epicenter? 

Where? Notice your breath, any changes or accompanying

information from the breath. Stay with this as long as you like. 

Perhaps journal if useful. 

If you like, repeat with the other 2 World Views: 

"creative" "illusory" "visionary" "changing" or your own words. 

"collective" "universal" "inclusive" "all one" or your own words. 

Breathing, feeling, thinking, and journaling (if useful). 

Then take several moments to continue in meditation without 

this practice. Simply being in "no practice" as you prepare to transition to another activity. 


1   Doug Keller's Philosophy Studies 

2    Joanne Avison, Yoga: Fascia Anatomy and Movement   

3    Linda Hartley, Wisdom of the Body Moving