Yoga & Interoception Studies 

Interoception will be our Drishti, our collective consciousness rendevous for discovery in these practices! 


Experiencing Interoception: 

Sensing from the Synapse:

A meditation practice with Becky, 

with visuals and context. Enjoy! 

BodySensing Practice 1: 

External to Internal

A yoga movement practice with Becky (audio). 

NEW! BodySensing Practice 2: 

Exhaling Infinity Breath

A pranayama meditation with Becky (audio). 

NEW! Body Sensing + ReSet Asana Practice:

A yoga movement practice with Becky (audio). 

What is Interoception? 

Video 1: What is Interoception? 

Video 2: Dr. Richard Miller, iRest

                 Developing Interoception

Video 3: Tom Myers, Interoception

Interoception? Resources & Wisdom Writings

These links provide ground for understanding the concept and process of interoception. 

What is it?   How is it a "sense consciousness"?  Why is it useful to know about? 

Click the titles for links to the papers below: 

Interoception and Social Connection

Paper: Arnold, Winkielman, & Dobkins (2019). 

Text Sources: 

Wisdom of Body Moving. Linda Hartley (1995). 

Sensing. Feeling, and Action. Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.

Awakening Somatic Intelligence. Risa Kaparo (2012). 

Bodyfulness. Christine Caldwell (2018). 

Engaging the Movement of Life. Bonnie Gintis (2007). 

Natural Intelligence. Susan Aposhayan (2007). 

Life on Land. Emilie Conrad (2007). 

Groundworks: Narratives of Embodiment. Emilie Conrad (1997).