User Guide   for  July's

Yoga Practice Collection

Buoyant & Rooted

Please take a look at this orientation video for this week's practice. 

Suggested Mapping for A Path of Practice: 

(See Sangha of One Concept for Practice Tips)

1. Centering/Arrive

(Meditative Intention Element) 

*Anatomy      *Bhakti       *Stillness        *Pranayama


2. Sequencing/Interact & Relate

(Sensation/External Movement Element)

*Asana     *Pranayama

3. Restore/Absorb

(Quiet/Internal Movement Element)

*Restorative Posture 

4. Savasana/Into the Bliss 

(Releasing Into Internal Practice)

This Week's Practice Elements: 

Anatomy Meditation: 

Expanding & Condensing


Merudanda & Energy Breath

Asana Element: 

Feet & Lungs