Asana Element: Head to Tail Flowing Motion

Vertebral Flow:

I once had a yoga teacher tell me that if Cat & Cow were the only asana a student learned, it would be enough to keep them mobile for most of their lives. 

This sequence, Vertebral Flow, is a study of the development of our spinal movement patterns, from simple to complex. "Belly Time" is first explored, then to Cat & Cow with up ~ down flows. Spinal Push ~ Tail Reach bring head to tail movements into the flow study. Spinal extension and flexion complete the complexity of this practice. It's the connection with the spine, directionally and consciously, which is the focus of this yoga experience. Central axis initiating the movement. Center to periphery, periphery to center. 

You may find it useful to print this page as you use the audio. 

Vertebral FlowBecky Morrissey
00:00 / 15:49

Cat - Cow 


Spinal Push ~ Tail Reach 


Extension ~ Flexion



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