Fluid Body Sense & ReSet Asana Practice 

Feeling the Fluid Body's Response Meditation

3-Part Practice 18 minutes) 

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Fluid Body Sensing & ReSet Asana PracticBecky Morrissey
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What's the Fluid Body? 

From Linda Hartley's Wisdom of the Body Moving

"Within the body we find expressions of all the forms in which water circulates on, in, and around the earth. In us there is the great unbounded ocean of fluid in which all the cells are bathed. There are rivers and streams folwing with the vessels of the veins, arteries, lymphatic, and cerebrospinal fluid channels; there are pools and reservoirs and places where the fluid gushes or trickles like springs, waterfalls, or rain. There may also be places where the flow is blocked and the fluid stagnates." 

Fluids within the Fluid Body: Extracellular, Intracellular, Blood, Aqueous (eyes), Synovial, cerebrospinal, and lymph. 

Part 1: (Click the audio link above for Parts 1-3)

Sitting With the Fluid Body: Beginning the Sensation Practice

Choose an enjoyable seated shape and feel into the Fluid Body sitting upright. 

Part 2: 

Changing Perspective: New Sensation 

Move into Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall) and into Fluid Body Explorations.



Breath, sensation, and gravity have a lovely relationship. Enjoy the experience of observing these three phenomena together or one at a time for several moments.

Is it possible to intentionally allow your weight to move into the earth with each exhalation? Does it happen little by little? What does the earth feel like beneath you? 


Is what we are feeling, or "feeling through" the Fluid Body, i.e., the fluid within the body, moving with gravity? 

How did this feel different from the Sitting Practice in terms of "the Fluid Body" sensing itself? 

Part 3: 

Closing the Practice: Savasana 

An intentional practice of lying on the earth, this Savasana could be a "no-practice" for several moments. 

Return to Sitting when you are ready. Notice any sensations of fluidity. Sit as long as you like. Feel any "reset" or changes.