Eve's Apples :

Change the Perspective

"Reading has not only changed my life but saved it.
The right books picked at the right times, especially one that scares us,
threatens to undermine all we have been told,
the one that contains forbidden thoughts.
These are the books that become 
Eve's Apples".
Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds

Welcome to resources that could change your perspective

upon body, mind, relationship,

social justice, and more. 

Featured Wisdom for July: 

Beyond Imagined Barriers 

This collection of writings asks how modern yoga practices

allow us to reflect upon "impassioned reactions" 

within body as well as mind consciousness. 



EmbodiYoga founder Lisa Clark writes; 


"Reflect on that urgent energy. Where is it showing up in your body?

How is it manifesting? Is there an urge to do, and do you engage that impulse

immediately - or can you create space to reflect on it first?”

What yoga practices bring this reflection space into your consciousness? 

What have your teachers given you to support this? 

How do you support "impassioned reflection" in your life? 

What does your 21st Century Yoga Practice look like? 

Here are some conversations to consider: 


Yoga & Sustainable Activism? 

Well, it's complicated. 

An excerpt from 

21st Century Yoga:

Culture, Politics & Practice

A Collection of Essays 

Edited by Carol Horton & Roseanne Harvey

"Undoubtedly, activists can benefit from incorporating some form of spiritual practice in their lives. If nothing else, spiritual practices can help prevent the burnout associated with activism and social justice work. However, what may seem to be an obvious relationship between inner and outer transformation is actually a very complex subject. 

The mental and physical benefits of yoga asana are widespread, and would most likely translate across diverse groups. When it comes to the question of how yoga influences ethical and moral action, however, things get complicated. Why? Because any insight gained as a result of spiritual practice must be translated through unique social, cultural, and ideological frameworks of the practitioner.


There are no simple answers to the complex global challenges we are facing on this earth. However, it is helpful to understand the extent to which spiritual practices like yoga can, and can not, guide our efforts at social transformation."          

~ Be Scofield

Modern Yoga needs to pause for reflection. Yoga is at a precarious place where it could go a number of directions right now, and as practitioners, as a community, we have the opportunity to co-create the future of yoga."
~ Roseanne Harvey 

Body Imperialism In Yoga: 


What has been yoga's role in perpetuating

Body Imperialism

in practice and form? 



An excerpt from

White Bodies, Psoas,

Gesturing Power Over

by Liz Koch 

The Underside of Child's Pose


Rob & Nick Carter, Yoga Photograms

"What posturing and performance share in common is a deep disconnect between the inspired heart and our gut instincts, between rising up and sensing ground where all life dissolves into the rich humus of earth.


Make no mistake white bodies are capable of sensing deeply and can become conscious of the insidious ways that colonization is held within our flesh and blood. We may squirm and distract ourselves, but we have what it takes to dissolve these century-old impulses to cage,

control and power over body. 


With awareness, we can begin to recognize our conditioning and through attention we can allow our primal impulses to grow a capacity to dissolve the distortions and claim life-supportive gestures and expressions." 

Read more of Liz Koch's Blog here: https://coreawareness.com/white-bodies-psoas-gesturing-power-over/?fbclid=IwAR1T18g-fnmrVK8jMOf3ZvB5s-IPlBDs_usBCP9MVrXW_V6TnSV7-hbrYfA

Feeling More, Understand More: 

Powerful Writings, Powerful Teachings 

In seeking balance and equanimity in

our practices, we have prepared

ourselves to work yogically in our

lives and relationships. 

An Opportunity for Impassioned Reflection: 

More in Common Than We Know: 

"I spend A LOT OF TIME exploring the human body. If you have ever wondered what a miracle is, I am here to tell you, based on abundant personal experience: your body is a miracle. As a human participating consciously in an embodied life, your physical being represents literally trillions upon trillions of successful cellular operations, metabolic processes, and moment to moment responsiveness occurring at rates that boggle the mind. We really ultimately have no clue what makes you tick. And it's not just you. Your neighbors, family, friends and strangers alike all share with you in this great miracle, this gift beyond appraising. As something shared by all, I find that the study of our human form gets underneath every vying modality, every ideology, every persuasion.


Every one of us benefits from a deeper understanding of the human form. Sharing that with the world we reach across and connect beyond every imagined barrier." 

~Gil Hedley, Intergral Anatomy

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