Meditation: In the Flow

Synapse Savayatra 

Synapse MeditationBecky Morrissey
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"Information in through the back body......out through the front body." 


“It’s really important to not force information in when you can’t receive. To accept all the things in our history that we have not been able to absorb. And to, little by little, allow information in that we don’t have to do anything about except to accept. And to sit with it.


And to choose the easy path. Because as information comes in that caused great tension, if we get into the membrane we can re-experience it in a way that doesn’t actually help us come through it, we just reenact it. But if we find the easy path and just go under the tone and say, “This bit I accept”. But don’t force anything in that causes more stress than you can process through sitting in the synapse.”

— Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder, the School of Body Mind Centering 


School of Body Mind Centering.