Yoga Sutras Winter Dathun:   

A Contemplative Personal Practice Yatra


Yoga Sutras Winter Dathun:

30 Practices in 30 Days

Free Online Yoga Practice Course

Asyncronistic and open anytime

you wish to study and practice. 


A "dathun" (dah-thoon) is a retreat of several days for

intentional study and practice, usually introspective in nature.


A dathun is a time of integration, a time to harvest and make the practices and teachings your own.


The Yoga Sutras Pada 1, The Contemplations, will be offered for sitting practice explorations. One sutra or a pairing, in 3 comparison translations from various contemporary and language-inclusive sources, will be offered with guiding questions such as the following:


What have I been told about this teaching?

How do I relate to this teaching on my own?

Do I see this teaching in action or in inaction around me?

How does this teaching feel as a body awareness?


Meditations, both mindful and "bodyful" (somatic, or embodied)

will also be offered.

Journaling and art expression will be suggested

as introspective practices.


The Yoga Sutras Dathun will also feature a self-guided daily

108 Sweet & Simple Breath Practice. A mala or

other method of Dharana may be useful. 


The practitioner is welcome to add practices, or do fewer practices, as inspired throughout the Personal Dathun.

It is recommended the practitioner take one or two

practices a day to savor and develop a relationship

with the teachings. 


Enrollment is free.

To begin your Dathun, click here. 


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