User Guide for June 15-21, 2020
Yoga Practice Collection

Take a look at this short video orientation for week's class. Thanks! 

The Inspiration: Living The Fluidity 

From Linda Hartley's Wisdom of the Body Moving

"The Fluid Body concerns communication, nourishment, breakdown, renewal, and defense, the process of change and transformation, the living and dying of each moment. They relate to both the survival and the quality of life, and to the balance of rest and activity. The Fluids embody the process of expressing wholeness, in whatever form that takes for each individual." 

Yoga course developer: Becky Morrissey

Course elements will continue to be available as the next week's class is added to the course platform. 

Anatomy Meditation Element: 

In the Flow: Synapse Meditation

Pranayama Element: 

Fluidity in Ujjaii

Coherent Breathing


Asana Element: 

Head to Tail Fluidity in Motion

Extension & Flexion Relationships