User Guide for June 1-7, 2020 Yoga Practice Collection

Welcome!  Watch this Orientation Video: 

The Inspiration: What's the Fluid Body? 

From Linda Hartley's Wisdom of the Body Moving

"Within the body we find expressions of all the forms in which water circulates on, in, and around the earth. In us there is the great unbounded ocean of fluid in which all the cells are bathed. There are rivers and streams flowing within the vessels of the veins, arteries, lymphatic, and cerebrospinal fluid channels; there are pools and reservoirs and places where the fluid gushes or trickles like springs, waterfalls, or rain. There may also be places where the flow is blocked and the fluid stagnates." 

Fluids within the Fluid Body: Extracellular, Intracellular, Blood, Aqueous (eyes), Synovial, cerebrospinal, and lymph.

Yoga course developer: Becky Morrissey

Ooops: In the video, I said "synovial spinal fluid". I meant cerebrospinal. Thanks for your patience! ☺︎ 

Course elements will continue to be available as the next week's class is added to the course platform. 


Anatomy Meditation: The Sphenoid

The Mosaic of the Skull  

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Meditation & Pranayama: Breathing Through The Senses 

Asana Contemplation:

Fluid Body Sense & ReSet 



Worldview & Sensation


Language Matters:

Somatic Dominance & Use of First Person Plural Omniscient