Play of Opposites Practice

inspired by Radiance  Sutra #41: 


Pour one breath into the other, 

Outbreath into the inbreath

Into the outbreath. 

Awaken to equanimity, 

at peace in the play of opposites. 


For this practice, we will be using

our hands to energetically 

sense expansion and

condensing of breath. 

Come to a comfortable seat. 

Or lie down in Constructive Rest Posture. 

Begin when ready, no rush. 

Take several steady, conscious breaths.

Allow your hands to touch

belly or ribs, anywhere to 

feel with more definition

the breath moving. 

Notice the play of opposites. 

Then bring your palms together 

at the sternum or breast bone. 


Conscious Inhales and Conscious Exhales.

Notice the pauses at top of the

inhales and bottom of the exhales.

Notice the play of opposites. 


On the next inhale, allow your hands

to drift horizontally apart slowly, as if 

you were inhaling with your hands,

a sphere of breath expanding

between your palms. The hands pause

when your inhalation pauses. 

As the exhale begins, the hands slowly

drift back together, and touch 

in the pause at the end of the exhale. 

Repeat for several breaths. 


Notice the play of opposites: 

Inbreath and expanding hands and ribs, 

Outbreath and condensing hands, ribs. 

Notice all the center to periphery energy expansions,

and the periphery to center energy returnings.

After doing this several times moving the hands vertically, try the practice moving the hands vertically. 










Does this change how the energy feels

as a sensation of breath and movement? 

Rest in the play of opposites. 

After this practice, you could: 

Take a Savasana

Journal about the experience

Move into an Asana Practice

End the Practice Session and

Live your Yoga.