Nectar of Breath    Practice

inspired by Radiance  Sutra #157: 


Adorable One,

These practices are a nectar I share with you.

Drink from this cup whenever you are thristy

or crave to be refreshed in the essence of life. 


For this practice,

enjoy  this audio recording of

Skin is Home: 




and /or revisit: 

Breathing Through the Senses: 




You are also very welcome to 

check out the 


Meditations Library

and choose one that

matches your inspiration! 

After this practice, you could: 

Take a Savasana

Journal about the experience

Move into an Asana Practice

End the Practice Session and

Live your Yoga.

Check out the Yoga for These Times Tab

in the menu for other explorations

for your guided practices. 


Breathing Through the SensesBecky Morrissey
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Skin Is HomeBecky Morrissey
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