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Sangha of One  

endeavors to be an asynchronistic weekly

class source of practices and contemplations.  

These classes are offered as a support to

your unique, personal relationship with yoga.

Suggestions for How to Use Sangha of One: 


Each week's practice guide will offer you

simple, digestible concepts to try within 

your own yoga or other movement practices. 

Or you can try them singly and 

make them your own. 


The weekly guide will feature:

a meditation,

an anatomy conceptualization,

a pranayama experience,

and an asana shape study. 

Each element will list the resource links,

print sources, and other self-researchable

portals for you to explore. 

Suggestions for Bringing Online Resources

into Your Yoga & Movement Contemplations

Sangha Of One's guides are printable if you would 

rather use print material. 

Using your Phone or IPad device may be preferable. 

Audios and Videos offered by

Sangha of One 

have "pause options", to stop the technology 

for a moment and explore on your own. 

Take. these. pauses

and really soak in the learnings. 

Use these resources anytime you 

are ready, where ever you like, 

and with whom you like. 

Possible Sangha of One Contemplations


Perhaps you are ready to distinguish what you have

been told about yoga, and what you know

about your relationship with yoga. What

practices may assist you in doing this? 

What have you applied to make the practices your own? Why?

What is possible when I explore my intrapersonal practice with

only my inner knowing as a guide? 

What have I integrated, built upon, and what have

I left behind on my yoga journey? 

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Sangha of One​

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