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Non-Duality: A Study of Being 

What. A. Year. 

How to integrate? 

Could the experiences of the past year

inform and support

a practice to nourish us during the Holiday Season? 

To explore this, here are 

contemplations of Non-Duality:  

Embodying Being: Sarvodhaya (SAR-vo-Dye-yah) 

(Welcome to a audio of a meditation practice called 

"Taking Refuge in Presence"

adapted from Tara Brach's beautiful book

entitled Taking Refuge. Together we move through

an experiential map of sitting, sensing, mantra, Organasana, Mudra, Pranayama, and Meditation. 

Practice Time: 39 mins 

PDF of Sarvodhaya Meditation Map

Embodying Being PracticeBecky Morrissey
00:00 / 38:23
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Devadashanta Pranayama Meditation:

Watch. Listen. Feel. Breath pours from inner center into the outer pause, and back again. No duality, pure continuity. Join Becky for guidance of the Devadashanta Breath practice.  


An audio experience of Devadashanta Breath.  

Devadashanta Study July 25, 2018Becky Morrissey
00:00 / 34:36

Reflections of Relevance |  Nonduality Practices

Pranayama Coherent Flow: 

In-breath pours into the out-breath...

pauses are the container for the breath flow. 

Just. Coherence. 

Simplify with this breath practice.

Pranayama coherent flowArtist Name
00:00 / 14:14

Synapse Meditation: 


Place yourself in the space

between nerve cells; 

in the space of sensation flow;

the intersection of information coming in

and information moving out.

Meditate in the Synapse. 

Synapse Meditation 2Artist Name
00:00 / 07:40

References/Credits for Practices: 

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Why audio rather than visual meditations on Sangha Of One? Here is an explanation: 


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